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18 Feb
February 18, 2021 06:00

KCC Women’s Prayer Call

02 Feb
February 2, 2021 19:00

KCC Charlotte Bible Study

KCC Charlotte
03 Feb
February 3, 2021 19:00

KCC Houston Bible Study

KCC Houston (Mouth of God Ministries)
04 Feb
February 4, 2021 19:00

KCC Jax Bible Study

27 Jan
January 27, 2021-January 29, 2021

KCC Houston Revival “Consecration”

KCC Houston
11 Jan
January 11, 2021-February 1, 2021

KCC 21 Days of Consecration

01 Feb
February 1, 2021 19:00

KCC Charlotte Night of Prayer

KCC Charlotte
12 Feb
February 12, 2021 19:00

KCC Jax Night of Prayer

04 Jan
January 4, 2021-February 1, 2021

KCC Prayer Services

Watch Us LIVE

There’s no better place to be, than KCC!

Watch the LIVE message sermons from Prophet Brian Carn at Kingdom City Church. You can also watch LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitter every Sunday for a life-changing message from the Lord just for YOU!

Why People Come

Anna Green

Anyone who doesn’t feel good about themselfes and those who got lost in life should come meet us at our church – we know what it’s like to be where you are, and we will show you the power of His Word.

Nick Johnson

I know I am not alone. I was so blessed to meet all the wonderful people of KCC who are now my family, and it all happened because of one visit to this church. Thank you all for being there for me.

Emily Washington

I am really grateful to this church for the support that I have received when my family needed prayer and the support of a friend. We found God, and He is powerful. I encourage you to join our church family!

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