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Our Culture

More Grace! (…which is a saying/greeting you’ll hear often at KCC). We believe that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He ordered your steps in this direction for such a time as this! At KCC we don’t have “visitors”, but we have “extended family” and we’re so grateful that you’ve decided to come visit us. We believe that relationships are intentional, and we’re so glad that you’ve chosen to worship with us.

Our Mission is to: Know God, Activate People, and Change Cities. After your visit with us at Kingdom City Church, our prayer is that you’ve experienced an encounter with God to know Him at a greater level; that the Word of God activated you to believe Him for the miraculous; and that as we continue to change cities, the power of God will change your life forever! Every service at Kingdom City Church is a life changing experience.

Tribes & Ministries of KCC​

The ministry auxiliaries of Kingdom City Church are comprised of 12 Ministries, whereas we refer to them as “Tribes” (based on the 12 Tribes of Israel). Each Tribe is listed below as well as our departments & committees.


Tribe of Asher

Maintenance Ministry responsible for the cleanliness of the church building.

Tribe of Benjamin

Our Greeters who welcome you to KCC with "More Grace" and a smile.

Tribe of Dan

The Intercessors of KCC who pray and intercede for the ministry around the clock.

Tribe of Gad

The Music & Fine Arts Ministry, including minstrels and worship leaders

Tribe of Issachar

The Ushers of KCC who assist and accommodate you during worship services.

Tribe of Joseph

Our Children's Ministry is dedicated to teaching the youth & young adults the ways of the Lord

Tribe of Judah

Our Pastor's Aid Ministry assist the pastoral leaders & guest ministers of the Gospel

Tribe of Levi

Altar Workers Ministry who assist the pastoral leaders during ministry demonstration

Tribe of Naphtali

Our Media Ministry is responsible for the media production of KCC, including audio, visual & products

Tribe of Reuben

Security & Parking Lot Team who cover all grounds of the church, inside and outside

Tribe of Simeon

Our Evangelism & Outreach Ministry goes out into the community with our mission in mind--Know God, Activate People, Change Cities

Tribe of Zebulun

Hospitality Ministry who makes all of our guest and visitors feel at home while at KCC

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry equips Kingdom Men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, church, and communities through weekly prayer calls, monthly fellowships, and yearly retreats. 

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry equips women to be spiritual women of God in their homes, church, and communities through monthly prayer calls and fellowships, and the wise counsel of the Mother’s Board. 

Single's Ministry

A ministry solely for the singles of KCC to meet, greet, fellowship, and share their experiences in life, relationships, and spirituality. Fellowships are planned monthly and all are welcome.


Marriage Ministry

The Kingdom Marriage Ministry helps couples to practically apply Gods Word and Wisdom to their relationship.  Husbands and wives are equipped/instructed on how a kingdom marriage functions and encouraged to seek and operate in their kingdom purpose as a couple.

Health & Wellness Ministry

Stay healthy and in shape physically, emotionally and spiritually! Fitness Fellowships are planned monthly for all to enjoy.

KCC Charlotte

admin@kcccharlotte.org1 (833) 522-5433Sundays @3pmTuesdays @7pm* (*Check our Events Itinerary for specific Bible Study Dates in Charlotte) (Deaf/Hard of Hearing Interpreters available)


office@kccjax.org1 (833) 522-5433Sundays @10amTuesdays @ 7pm*(*Check our Events Itinerary for specific Bible Study Dates in Jacksonville)

KCC Houston

office@kccjax.org1 (833) 522-5433 Saturdays @12pm (*Check our Events Itinerary for specific Bible Study Dates in Houston -- Starting April 2022)

KCC Online

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